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The Coldest Sun - (Album 2017)

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"The Coldest Sun" is a two year music production from the Portuguese/Russian female fronted metal band "The Autist" and it features Polina Psycheya (All I Could Bleed), Alina Lesnik (Once, Vivaldi Metal Project) and Chiara Tricarico (Temperance). The Coldest Sun is a symphonic metal album for fans of truly melancholic, tragic and conceptual music that was inspired by deep emotions we all go through on our lives.

Artist: The Autist
Album Title: The Coldest Sun
Year: 2017
Genre: Metal/Groove/Symphonic
Agency: Azure Records

Guest vocals: Alina Lesnik, Polina Psycheya, Chiara Tricarico, Sara Henriques & João Prim
Guitars by: Pedro Remiz
Orchestra/Keyboards: Fábio Pires/Pedro Remiz
Bass by: Pedro Remiz/Tatiana Lima
Drums by: Emidio Ramos

Drums recorded by Emidio Ramos @ Almada Estudios
Mixed and mastered: Demigod Recordings (Miguel Tereso)
Artwork design: Jean Michel (Designations Artwork)

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